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What is the Pacific Decadal Oscillation?

The Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) is described as a long-lived El Niño-like pattern of Pacific climate variability. Extremes in the PDO pattern are marked by widespread variations in the Pacific Basin and the North American climate. Causes for the PDO are not currently well understood nor is its potential predictability. Some climate simulation models are successful at producing PDO-like oscillations, but often for different reasons, making teasing out the true cause-effect mechanisms difficult. The ability to identify the cause(s) for the PDO will determine whether skillful decades-long PDO climate predictions will ever be possible. This is currently a hot topic or research in the climate science field.  To learn more about PDO, visit JIASO,  NASA,  and NOAA.

2015-2016  Pacific Anomalies Workshop II, January 20-21, 2016. 

Access the presentations from this workshop, held in Seattle at the University of Washington. Atmospheric scientists, oceanographers and ecologists discussed the unusual ocean weather and climate patterns across the North Pacific basin and the underlying mechanisms driving those patterns. Ecosystem impacts of the warmer-than-average conditions were also a heavy topic at this workshop.

2014-2015 Pacific Anomalies Science and Technology Workshop 1, May 5-6, 2015

Access the presentations from this workshop along with some interesting webcast videos. The workshop on the “Blob” was held on May 5-6, 2015 at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, Ca. Research and development questions and issues related to these anomalies were presented and discussed.

‘Warm Blob” in Pacific Ocean Linked to Weird Weather Across the U.S., click on Joint Release from the American Geophysical Union (AGU), April 2015

Your Alaskan Guide through the Murky Waters of El Nino and La Nina,  Click here for a short summary on El Nino and La Nina effects on Alaska, by John Papineau from the National Weather Service, Anchroage Office