News and Media Links

Warm-water fish increasingly spotted in Alaska Waters, by Matt Mill, KTOO, September 15, 2015  (Alaska Public Radio)

Blob effects in Alaska Being Watched by Ocean Observing Team (Alaska Fish Radio)

Ocean science group starts blog devoted to warm-water blob (a story about the AOOS Blob Tracker) (ADN)

What does this year’s odd U.S. weather have in common with a huge spike in hungry, stranded sea lion pups on California shores? Both are linked to a giant patch of warm ocean water.(EarthSky).

Alaska’s toasty temperatures in 2014 worry observers (LATimes)

The Blob expands from the Gulf of Alaska to Baja California (AK Public Media)

The Gulf of Alaska is Warming Up, and Weird Fish are Showing Up (The Washington Post)

(Image: A pup lies with older sea lions at the Coast Guard Pier in Monterey, California March 17, 2015. Animal rescue centers in California are being inundated with stranded, starving sea lion pups, raising the possibility that the facilities could soon be overwhelmed, the federal agency coordinating the rescue said. Photo credit: Reuters/Michael Fiala)