Expert Blog Team

This is not an open commentary blog. However, we have allowed a limited number of contributors to post on their own (or have us post for them).  Their contact information is shown below.

If you would like to contribute material to this blog, please send your email of interest to Carol Janzen at

Richard Thoman, National Weather Service Forecast Office, Fairbanks AK,

Nate Mantua, Southwest Fisheries Science Center,

Richard James, Prescient Weather and The World Climate Service, State College, PA,, website:

Emanuele Di Lorenzo, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA,

Nick Bond, Res. Meteorologist, College of the Environment, Univ. of Washington,

Uma Bhatt, Univ. of AK Fairbanks, Geophysical Institute, Atmospheric Science,

Peter Bieniek, Univ. of AK Fairbanks,  International Arctic Research Center Climatology,

John Walsh, Univ. of AK Fairbanks, Int. Arctic Res. Center Chief Scientist,

Russ Hopcroft, Univ. of AK Fairbanks, Institute of Marine Science,

Seth Danielson, Univ. of AK Fairbanks,  Inst. of Marine Science, Physical Oceanography,

Jamal Moss, NOAA Marine Fisheries Biologist, Ecosystem Monitoring and Assessment, Auke Bay Labs,

Olav Ormseth, NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center,

Kris Holdried, NOAA Oceanography, Gulf Watch,

Scott Pegau, Oceaongraphy and Biology, Oil Spill Recovery Institute,

Carol Janzen, AOOS Operations Director and Oceanographer, Blog Administrator