Today in El Niño Advice: Don’t Worry About The Blob, by Eric Simons on September 01, 2015 IN Bay Nature

“The unprecedented warm water in the North Pacific has come to be known as “The Blob,” and it’s been sitting there for two years. You might have seen headlines about “El Niño Vs. The Blob” {linked on this Alaska Blob Tracker Blog!} — this is the question they’re worrying about: If one of the dominant features of the last two years of heat and drought is The Blob, and The Blob is still there when the El Niño starts, what if The Blob and the El Niño get into a tug of war over the jet stream and The Blob wins and it doesn’t rain?  Short answer: don’t worry about it. It’s a misplaced competition, like worrying about the threat sharks pose to cows. Even if it wanted to, The Blob is simply not capable of doing anything to El Niño.

If you are interested in keeping up with the latest news on El Nino, Bay Nature (where this story is feature in above link) goes beyond the headlines to explore what the strongest El Niño in recorded history might mean — or not — for Northern California. They post articles every Tuesday through the fall.