Continued Presence of Blob Water Observed Along the Spring 2015 Seward Longterm Monitoring Transect

The waters affiliated with the Blob continue to be present along the entire Seward line with surface temperatures above 6.5 to  7°C (43.7 to 44.6 °F) for most of the transect. This amounts to temperature anomalies of ~1°C  (~1.8°F)  in the upper 100 m of the water column.

Note: Temperature anomalies represent the difference between the longterm average temperature for a given location during a particular month compared to a value or average for the same month but only for a single year.

Seward Line T 300mThis plot shows temperature data from the Spring 2015 Seward Line Hydrographic Survey. The mouth of Resurrection Bay is to the left, and offshore towards the right. Data shared by AOOS Partner Dr. Russell R. Hopcroft, Institute of Marine Science, University of Alaska Fairbanks. 

 Seward_Line-NEP-300x300 The Seward Line transect is shown on the map, and starts near the mouth of Resurrection Bay and extends into the Gulf of Alaska.

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